Baltimore Orioles: Does fandom come with caveats?

Be it on twitter, a message board, radio, etc, I don’t think I can recall hearing one fan of the Baltimore Orioles say that Mike Elias was the wrong hire as the Birds’ General Manager. In fact, one theme I noticed was that plenty of fans seemed to indicate that because of the direction that the team appeared to be going, they were renewing their fandom. As in, they considered jumping ship.

So…is this “a thing?” For starters, I do think that much of that attitude is overblown. Meaning that people say that and perhaps they think they even believe it. But do people truly have to be in love with the direction of the franchise in order to remain a fan?

If you would have asked Orioles fans in 2011, many of them may well have thought that the direction of the franchise was the same as it had been previously. At that time, I don’t recall hearing anyone talking about jumping ship. Granted however, while it existed Twitter wasn’t as big as it is now.

But again, do people really consider jumping off the bandwagon if they don’t like where the franchise is headed, or what they’re doing? If people are to be taken at their word, I suppose that they do. Whether or not that’s a proper course of action is up to the individual.

People may well ask if they should be expected to be all in on the team when they don’t think the team’s going to win. Maybe that’s a fair point. But does that mean you “find another team?” I suppose the answer is not necessarily so. Maybe you watch from afar and so forth. But needless to say, I think most of Baltimore supports the course of action that the Orioles seem to be taking.

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