Baltimore Orioles: The President that opened Camden Yards

The Baltimore Orioles joined the rest of the American world in mourning former President George H.W. Bush. President Bush passed away late Friday evening, although most Americans probably didn’t get the news until yesterday morning. He was 94 years old.

All of the accolades that we’ve been hearing about President Bush this weekend are well deserved. Like most Presidents and politicians, you either agreed with his stances and actions or you didn’t. But he was a person who transcended politics. He treated everyone with respect, regardless of where they stood politically. He care me deeply about this country and about his fellow Americans. The fact is that we need more like him in America.

President Bush also played a special role in Orioles’ history. He was President when Orioles Park at Camden Yards opened in 1992. He was on hand for Opening Day that year, and threw out the ceremonial first pitch – literally the first pitch thrown in the history of the ballpark. Bush, a former first baseman at Yale, threw the pitch in the dirt. He later joked that he did exactly what he wanted to do with the pitch; he threw a slider inside.

President Bush threw out a couple of first pitches at Memorial Stadium as well. He also famously brought Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England and her husband Prince Phillip to a game there while he was President. However it’s striking to me that he opened Camden Yards. Thus he has a special place in the history of the ballpark, and in Orioles’ history. May he Rest In Peace, and may we express thanks for his service to our country.

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