Baltimore Orioles: Jonathan Schoop non-tendered by Milwaukee

When the Baltimore Orioles began their sell off in July, second baseman Jonathan Schoop was one of the casualties. Then GM Dan Duquette traded him to Milwaukee for a fairly decent return. However Schoop struggled in Milwaukee; he never really found his sea legs.

Schoop was ultimately non-tenderer yesterday. In short, that means he was cut and has become a free agent. There are a couple of different angles on this. First off, the Orioles won the trade. I mean – they flat out embarrassed Milwaukee. Anytime you give up a group of players for one guy who is ultimately cut, you got out-jazzed big time.

However don’t forget that Schoop was sorrowful to leave Baltimore. He loved being an Oriole. So…could a reunion be in the cards?

That’s a really tough question to answer. Schoop was never the same player once he left the O’s. There’s no reason to think that he could reclaim his previous status. Although…it’s a new day in Baltimore with new players and ultimately new coaches. Perhaps they could make Schoop into a reclamation project…?

It’s an interesting idea for sure. But as I said, it’s a new day in Baltimore. If Schoop returned, certainly the park, fans, and a few teammates would be the same, but it’s mostly a different organization now. In short, you can never go home again.

If the Orioles decided that there was a potential fit and brought Schoop back, he could easily be a trade chip once again. In fact, that might be their best bet; sign him and let him play for half a season, dealing him at the deadline. As I said, they got a haul for him last year – no reason it couldn’t happen again.

Speaking of non-tenders, Tim Beckham and Caleb Joseph were non-tenderer by the O’s last night as well. Joseph specifically was a fan favorite for some time. It’s an unfortunate part of the business sometimes.

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