Baltimore Orioles: All’s quiet with Adam Jones

For now, there’s no real news out of former Baltimore Orioles’ center fielder Adam Jones. Jones of course held his annual Stay Hungry Tailgate before a Baltimore Ravens game, raising lots of money for charity. There’s no word on whether he intends to continue the tradition assuming his days with the Orioles are over.

Jones has stated on many instances that he feels he still has some gas left in the tank. And I would agree with him. My personal opinion is that his days in Baltimore are over. And I think he seems to sense that as well. However if he remained unsigned would the Orioles consider bringing him back for the right price?

The answer to that has to be YES. It has to be. Because Jones isn’t wrong when he says that he still has something left. However odds are he’s going to look for more money than the Orioles are going to be willing to pay him, and justifiably so. But if we see an off season in MLB like we did last year (where teams flat out didn’t sign anyone), could the Orioles possibly end up with Jones returning?

Again, the answer to that has to be yes. I just wouldn’t hold my break on it happening. Ironically outfield is one area in which the Orioles do have some depth. And with the likes of Mullins and Mancini remaining, I suspect that the future is bright. However I think that the future is bright for Adam Jones as well. And wherever he ends up is a team and fan base that will be lucky to have him. I suspect he’d be an asset wherever he goes, and in any role.

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