Baltimore Orioles need a manager in the next two weeks

The first step to the future for the Baltimore Orioles was hiring a GM. They got their man last week in Mike Elias. He’s now obviously taxed with finding a new direction for the franchise. The next step in that entire process is finding a new field manager.

And Elias has pretty much said that’s the priority. However there is an hourglass filled with sand that’s rapidly running. The MLB Winter Meetings are in two weeks in Las Vegas.

The Orioles aren’t expected to be a massive force in free agency. However odds are they’ll need to sign a couple of players along the way. So it would be preferable for them to have a structure in place before then.

It wouldn’t look good for prospective free agents to wonder where they would fit into the Orioles’ plans given that there’s no manager in place. Mind you, hiring Elias was a major part of shaping the future in Birdland. But Elias won’t be involved in on-field decisions, strategy, etc. That’s up to the manager.

So I would submit that the O’s need to have a manager in place or at least an announcement made prior to the Winter Meetings. Otherwise they risk hampering whatever progress could be made at the meetings. All part of the process.

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