Baltimore Orioles: What to do about Chris Davis?

Chris Davis (along with Mark Trumbo) finds himself in the strange position of being a holdover from the Baltimore Orioles’ former administration. This in the new era of Mike Elias. Davis, like him or hate him, will be one of the lone familiar faces to fans on the roster.

In his introductory remarks on Monday, GM Mike Elias said that he felt the Orioles would be best served by having a resurgent Chris Davis in the middle of the lineup. Most fans, along with myself, couldn’t agree more. However 2018 wouldn’t have been the disaster that it was had the Birds gotten that. Does Elias believe it’s possible for Davis to have a bounceback year?

Without going into detail we’ve already been over, Chris Davis had a historically bad season in 2018. So by the definition of the term, he should have a bounceback year next season. It would be hard to replicate or outdo the poor performance of 2018. However what would it take for that to happen?

The answer for now is that I really don’t know. Elias said that he wanted to be involved in Davis’ off season regiment of workouts which he’ll indubitably be doing as time goes on, but in reality the best Davis can do is to simply try to get better. That means seeing the ball better more than anything else. And that’s just something at which one has to consistently work.

With the rebuild the Orioles are attempting however, a powerful Davis will go along way. If he’s hitting under the Mendoza Line and constantly being scrutinized in the media, younger players might stay away from him. However if he’s pulling his weight at the plate, they will look to him, and see him a the leader that we all know he can be.

Point being, it’s not just production on the field. Davis (and Trumbo) are going to be called upon to show young players what it means to be an Oriole, and a major league player. Their performances on the field will go a long way towards easing that process.

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