Baltimore Orioles: Mike Elias introduced to local media

The Baltimore Orioles introduced Mike Elias as their new General Manager yesterday. As has been stated, Elias comes to Baltimore from the Houston Astros’ organization, where he was the Asst. General Manager. Elias will lay out the future course of the team as we move forward.

And as I said yesterday, it starts now. Elias’ first task will be to find a new manager for the Orioles, which one has to hope will happen soon. Elias told the media yesterday that John and Louis Angelos have given him full autonomy to make whatever decisions are necessary for the organization to build a winner (quote courtesy of Roch Kubatko, MASNsports):

We had a lot of very extensive conversations throughout this process and we sat down and we talked a ton of baseball and we all came into those conversations with very specific plans and ideas and visions in mind for what this should look like, how we should go about these things. And we were on exactly the same page with what the approach should be. For me, that is something that is necessary for them to want to hire me for this position, but also for me to want to jump on board.

Presumably, that includes the decision of who manages the club moving forward, However it should be reassuring to Orioles fans to hear that the owners are on the same page as the man they’re tasking with doing the job. As I said yesterday, this is a moment that will be remembered by fans in the future – whe the O’s are either sinking or swimming. And again, it starts…now.

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