Baltimore Orioles will have a rate equilibrium moving forward

Moving into 2019 the Baltimore Orioles are going to have a rare moment of balance in a sense between the field and the front office. Mike Elias as we know is the new GM. And assuming that the Angelos brothers are to be believed (and there’s no reason to think they shouldn’t be at this point), he’s going to have full autonomy in hiring a manager.

And that’s how franchises should work. The owner hires the manager, who in turn hires the coach/manager. But last time around that isn’t really how it worked. Andy MacPhail did hire Buck Showalter, who Dan Duquette then inherited. And going backwards from there, MacPhail inherited his manager, and so forth going back.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Obviously Showalter had enough clout with ownership and his name spoke enough for itself to where Duquette had to know that Buck’s job was secure regardless of what he (Duquette) thought about him. But while there are situations where a new GM has inherited a manager and it’s worked out well, ideally a new GM is going to want his own guy running the team.

For the most part, that’s usually how it works. With a few exceptions most new coaches inherit bad teams. So lots of times the GM and head manager/coach in fact are coming in at the same time. That’s certainly the case with the Orioles. Whether or not things work out in the end is up to both parties, and of course the players.

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