Baltimore Orioles: What are Baltimore fans to do?

The Baltimore Orioles have been in rebuild mode since the beginning of the summer. Officially, anyways. Many would argue they’ve been in rebuild mode for longer. Perhaps since the 2016 AL Wild Card game. But I digress.

We can assume that the Orioles will be in rebuild mode for some time. This much we know. However I’m on record as saying that I’m really looking forward to the 2019 Florida Grapefruit League season. It’ll be a chance for the fans to see what they have in the new team.

However of late we’ve seen an Oriole-like decline in the Birds’ NFL counterpart, the Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore’s football birds are on a bye this week, and it really couldn’t have come at a better time. There are all kinds of rumors about the Ravens and where they go after the bye – meaning head coach and quarterback. However I also believe that you don’t make any draconian decisions in terms of ripping your team down until after you’re eliminated from playoff contention. Until that happens, you owe your fans and your city to make every effort to win games.

But you’d be hard-pressed to look at the Ravens and argue that they aren’t on the verge of a full tear-down and rebuild – similar to what the Orioles are going through. Does that mean that head coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Joe Flacco are done? If it’s a full rebuild, odds are that’s exactly what it means. Whether or not that’s the right thing to do is another story, and is up to the beholder.

However Baltimore fans could be in for a world of pain in a sense, with both professional franchises rebuilding at the same time. (This assuming that the Ravens end up in that same boat at some point in the near future.) In the past when the Orioles had bad seasons at least fans could always look forward to September when the Ravens would kick off. If rebuilding is in their future, September will simply bring another painful season.

I think that the difference is that first off baseball’s much more of a grind than the NFL. It’s literally everyday from spring training until the end of September. Football at least is only once a week. However the NFL is set up for teams to go from contending, to rebuilding, and to contending again in a much shorter timeframe. So at least Baltimore fans have that.

In the interim, my recommendation is for people to just sit back and enjoy the games. Sure there’ll be some lean years in the immediate future. But Oriole Park at Camden Yards is still a great place to spend a summer evening or afternoon with your family. As is M & T Bank Stadium during football season. And if nothing else, Baltimore does stadiums the right way. Possibly better than any other city. At least you can sit back and enjoy a crab cake and a cold beer while waiting for a winner!

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