Baltimore Orioles: Are delays stopping progress?

The long and strung out process through which the Baltimore Orioles are going to find a new General Manager and eventual field manager is well documented. At this point it simply is what it is. Ownership is taking their sweet time. That’s their right in a sense.

But is this process perhaps hurting more than it’s helping? As an example, the MLB GM Meetings are this week. The Orioles are attending the meeting…without a GM. That somehow seems counterproductive. Mind you, the GM meetings are in essence a precursor to the MLB Winter Meetings next month. One hopes the Birds have a true front office at that point.

However the Orioles are a ship that needs a direction. The longer they go without leadership, the longer we wait for a manager. Whomever that manager is will have a huge task on his hands, as he’ll need to figure out which young players he wants to keep and which of those who are kept who he wants to play. Spring training will be the big factor in deciding that, however there has to be plan.

The longer we go without team leadership, the amount of time to make those decisions gets more truncated. And yes, that could affect the process. Or the length thereof.

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