Baltimore Orioles: How does one market the team in 2019?

The Baltimore Orioles are a hot mess. Unfortunately they have been since April when the world seemingly stopped turning. However as I’ve written over time, Spring Training 2019 is going to be the most important camp in awhile. Not only to see who plays where, but also to see how everyone meshes under the new manager. And also to figure out who “everyone” is.

However the 2019 Orioles are going to have an identity problem from the outset. Who exactly are they? Or rather, who will they be? I suspect that Baltimoreans and Orioles fans will take the time to learn who these guys are as we go along. Your true die hards will know everyone out of Spring Training. But soon enough the new team will be guys that fans recognize by name.

But what do the Orioles do until that happens? How do you market things such as season ticket packages when you can’t even inform fans who they’ll be paying to see play? Similarly, how does the team draw fans to their annual FanFest celebration when they don’t have any star power (or even a manager) to hock?

The same is true in terms of merchandising. Cedric Mullins‘ jersey and shirsey will only sell so much. Needless to say I think that Birdland is excited to have Mullins here, but again he’s only one guy. And it’s still uncleaer as to how much people are going to be willing to buy in right now. Needless to say, the marketing department has it’s work cut out for it.

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