Baltimore Orioles: Your enemies get fat on what you leave behind

Throughout the 2018 season I wrote about how the Baltimore Orioles left a lot of opportunities on the field, and how their opponents almost always made them pay. And in fact, the Orioles could never seem to do the same in return when other teams would slip up. They were the most giving and the most forgiving team in baseball in a sense.

But is the same also true on a grander scale? Steve Pearce now stands as the World Series MVP. Not only that, but he does so with one of the Orioles’ rivals (Boston). As I said earlier this week, my hope is that Orioles fans are happy for Pearce. He had some great moments with the Orioles, and odds are he’ll be remembered fondly here.

He also was allowed to walk at a certain point. Granted, Pearce is a career journeyman. He was used to coming and going, sometimes more than once a year, over time. The Orioles were just another stop along the way. There were no hard feelings, and both sides parted amicably.

But the fact remains that Pearce probably would have fit into the 2017 and 2018 Orioles’ payrolls very nicely. And he would have certainly fit into the lineup. Would the Orioles have been a better team with him the past two seasons? Not that it would have mattered too much at the end of the day, but yes they would have been.

Instead the O’s allowed him to leave, and his travels took him to Toronto this season. Toronto traded him to Boston before the trade deadline, and the rest is history. Again, Pearce is a guy who in these parts will be remembered as being a key member of some great Oriole teams. His name will always be somewhat synonymous with the Showalter era. But…

…history now says that he”ll be remembered as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Perhaps the Orioles can’t necessarily be blamed for allowing a career journeyman to walk per se, although he would have been welcomed with open arms by fans on a more long term basis. However the fact remains that a direct rival took what was once the Orioles’ and it worked out for them. BIG TIME.

Hindsight is always 20/20. The Orioles probably didn’t think twice about their decision. You can’t know how something’s going to turn out before you do it. That’s a fact. But perhaps moving forward they should check their lists two and three times before parting ways with a player. Because what was once the Orioles’ now belongs to someone else.


  1. Taylor from Reisterstown says:

    The O’s don’t value people enough. It’s as simple as that. If they did guys wouldn’t leave here and have amazing careers. They’re holding guys back.


    1. I’m not sure that’s totally true. although I can see your point of view. Not everyone leaves here and becomes a superstar. Look at Jonathan Schoop, for instance. I think they value people as much as any other team, but perhaps at times they don’t value the correct people. Thanks for reading!


  2. Ray Cravetti says:

    U r a mouthpiece for ownership. GREED! GREED! GREED!


    1. Whoa Cravetti, you have me pegged. If by greed you mean I like money, then you’re right. I do. But I digress…


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