Baltimore Orioles are on the clock

The end of the World Series brings a finality to the 2018 season for the Baltimore Orioles and across the league. The Birds’ season has been over for awhile, however as long as baseball was still being played it almost existed onward in absentia. However now everyone’s done – for this year at least.

Fans have groused on and on about the Orioles’ lack of direction and so forth. And my message has been the same in that you have to wait to see what happens after the post season has been completed. One of the “unwritten codes” of team building is that the league prefers you to not make any big moves during the post season. Plenty of teams did, but the O’s did not.

So the time is now. With baseball activities officially being over and done with for this year, the Birds are officially on the clock. It’s very simple; the Angelos’ need to hire a General Manager. And that General Manager needs to hire a manager.

Whomever that GM is will take the position knowing that he’ll have to move quickly. There are only three full months (one of which is about to begin on Thursday of this week) between now and the beginning of Spring Training. Whomever the new manager is will need some time to get his coaching staff together, grow into the job a bit, and be ready to go on February 23rd when Grapefruit League play begins. So again, the O’s are on the clock…no pressure or anything.

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