Baltimore Orioles: Steve Pearce is the World Series MVP

Baltimore Orioles fans are probably not happy that a division rival won the World Series in the Boston Red Sox. However there is one aspect of that for which they’re hopefully happy. Former Oriole Steve Pearce, now a member of the Red Sox, is not only a World Series champion. But also the World Series MVP.

Pearce hit .333 in the Fall Classic, with four hits, eight RBI, and three homers. It has to be sweet redemption for a player like Pearce, who’s been a journeyman his entire career. He was always well-received in Baltimore during his numerous stints, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

Not only that, but he became a quick favorite of Buck Showalter. Pearce was in essence a “lunch pail,” blue collar-type player. Over the course of the season when facing Pearce while he played for Toronto and Boston, Buck was never anything less than complimentary of Pearce. He was a key member of the 2014 AL East Champion Orioles team, and I suspect that was experience that served him well.

So is it okay for Orioles fans to be bitter about a hated foe winning it all? Sure. However I hope that fans will be happy for Steve Pearce. He’s been a winner wherever he’s gone, and he’s played for several organizations. My hope is that he’ll always be a fan favorite in Baltimore.

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