Baltimore Orioles: Last hurrah for Buck Showalter

Now former Baltimore Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter was back in Baltimore yesterday afternoon. Actually he’s been back for some time, but I digress. Buck and his wife Angela were in town for their annual Trick-or-Trot as Camden Yards on behalf of KidsPeace.

Showalter’s been around the past few days tying up loose ends and in effect moving out of his residence that he’s kept in town since he’s been here. He’ll now revert to living in the Dallas area full time moving forward.

It says a lot about Showalter’s character that he still attended yesterday’s event. Nobody would have blamed him for not being there after the Orioles opted to go in a different direction. However since he arrived in Baltimore he and his wife have adopted KidsPeace, and the charity means a lot to him. Again, that should tell Orioles fans all they need to know about their leader the past eight years.

Buck always said that he “got” Baltimore. However I think Baltimore also “got” him. For his sake, it’s my hope that he returns here at some point and is inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame.

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