Baltimore Orioles: Manny Machado caught sign-stealing?

Former Baltimore Orioles’ third baseman and shortstop Manny Machado is being charged publicly with sign-stealing. And in the World Series at that. This according to Boston pitching coach Dana LeVangie.

According to LeVangie, Machado was touching his helmet while on second base with his right or left hand, among other things. LeVangie said that he wanted to go to the mound, but Boston was able to get a strikeout in the process. Basically he stayed in the dugout because he didn’t want to disrupt momentum.

My recommendation to the Boston Red Sox would be to simply hit Machado with a pitch if they feel he was stealing signs. That’s how the unwritten codes of the game work. You think someone’s stealing your signs, you throw at them. And Boston’s proven that they don’t forget – ever.

Would they hit Machado in a World Series game? Tough to say. But if they don’t, they’ll get to him whenever they see him in the future. Again, that’s just how the unwritten codes of the game work.

What isn’t supposed to happen is calling teams out in the media. That’s apparently what Boston’s doing, of which I’m not a fan. Take care of these types of things on the field. Leave it out of the public eye.

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