Baltimore Orioles: Former Birds impact Fall Classic

Albeit in absentia, the Baltimore Orioles are having an impact in the 2018 World Series. After one game, that is. Steve Pearce had a walk and a run scored last night for Bostonand Manny Machado had three RBI for Los Angeles. Boston defeated the L.A. Dodgers 8-4 and lead 1-0 in the Fall Classic,

I suspect that Orioles fans are following Machado’s progress more so than they are that of Pearce. That’s probably due in part because they don’t want to see a division rival win the World Series. But Machado was obviously more of a factor for the Orioles than Pearce was.

But don’t sell Steve Pearce or his time with the Orioles short. He was a very key member of the 2014 AL East Champions team. He was always clutch in the utility role, and when Chris Davis was suspended for PED use he immediately filled in as the starting first baseman – a role he filled for Boston last night in game one of the World Series.

Orioles fans also saw some familiarity in the field last night with Manny Machado making a few incredibly plays to either start double-plays or to throw runners out at first base. As deadly as Manny can be with the bat, his best stuff has always been in the field. Somehow I don’t see that changing, regardless of where he signs next season.

Make not mistake that both Manny Machado and Steve Pearce represent what will always be a special time for Orioles baseball. Was everything perfect from 2012-2016? Of course not. The abrupt end to that era represents that fact. But it was the first time that an entire generation of Orioles fans got to see their team as a winner. Thus it’s fitting that at least one guy from those times will call himself a world champion when all’s said and done this year.

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