Baltimore Orioles didn’t screw the pooch on Victor Victor Mesa

Baltimore Orioles fans are starting to get restless because the team hasn’t made any moves to solidify it’s new leadership. Both in the Front Office and on the field. While those are fair criticisms, MLB also likes for teams to lay low on these sort of things during the post season.

Fans will point out that Anaheim hired a manager, which works against MLB’s wishes. Nobody’s in any trouble or anything if they don’t follow this “unwritten rule,” but it’s just what the league would prefer. So my point in that is give the Orioles a bit of a grace period – during the post season. After that’s completed they need to move, and move fast.

Many fans are also using that as a reason why the Orioles couldn’t sign Cuban star Victor Victor Mesa, and his brother Victor Jr. There’s every chance that actually played a role. And who knows, perhaps had Dan Duquette still been in charge (his contract expires at the end of the month) they would have had a better shot.

However Duquette put the Orioles in a spot to sign the Mesa’s by trading for international bonus money. The Miami Marlins did the same thing, and apparently the offers weren’t that far off from one another. However Miami has one thing that Baltimore doesn’t – well, two things.

First off they have better weather. I say that tongue-in-cheek, as a guy who loves summertime! But that aside, you also have a massive Cuban population in and around Miami. I suspect that played a big role. Players such as Mesa are new to the United States. Not just new to MLB, but to the United States. Just as my own relatives came to America and stuck amongst Italian people if possible, people who come here now want to be amongst their own.

And the fact is that there’s nothing Baltimore or any other franchise can do about that. Now is it possible that having a real executive in place could have better sold the Mesa’s on the city and the community? You never know. But the Orioles and every other team were at a disadvantage in this case given the optics of Miami. Heck, the workout was at Marlins Park.

This obviously sounds somewhat unfair, and in a way it probably sounds overly racial. IN NO WAY is this meant to be interpreted as racial or racist. I’m simply stating a major factor in the decision process for these players. It’s no different than free agents opting to sign with one team or another because the taxes in one state are lower than they are in another.

Fans obviously don’t want to hear that, because it comes off as making an excuse for the team. But think about it, when you’re offered multiple jobs at once do you not consider external factors (all things being equal)? Such as commute time, benefits, etc? All you can do is your best when it comes to player aquisition. And by even being in the game, the Orioles did that.

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