Baltimore Orioles: How active in free agency?

How active will the Baltimore Orioles be in free agency going into 2019? If ownership’s comments are to be believed, the answer is not very active. We know that the Orioles want to cut payroll by a country mile, which is mainly what would prevent Adam Jones from coming back.

If Jones has no suitors and the price drops, I suspect that the Orioles would be amenable to bringing him back. But that’s a big if. We all remember what happened last year.

But whether it’s Jones or anyone else, I don’t see the Orioles making classic Duquette-era signings as spring training closes. I take them at their word for the time being. The goal is to get younger.

However again, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a move, provided that the player came cheap. And that could be for Adam Jones or anyone else. The fact is that even on a young team you still need someone to show young guys the way. That’s one of the reasons I thought it was a mistake to get rid of Jones.

But I digress. The Birds will probably be active in the Rule 5 draft again, where they could presumably acquire another young player. Does all of that mean that the 2019 Opening Day lineup might resemble that of the final game of 2018? Possibly. But time will tell.

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