Baltimore Orioles: Cheating Champs?

The Baltimore Orioles have had their share of issues defeating the Houston Astros over the years. Much of that has to do with pitching and getting on base. But what if the defending champions had additional help during games?

According to Metro Boston, a Houston Astros’ employee was in essence thrown out of a media credentialed area near the Boston dugout during last Saturday’s ALCS Game One. Apparently the man was working his phone over the course of a couple of innings among other “suspicious actions.” The man was allowed to stay in Fenway Park, but as not allowed back into the credentialed area.

Metro Boston goes on to state that Boston may have been warned by the Cleveland Indians of this sort of thing, who of course were defeated by Houston in the ALDS. The implication of course is that the man was potentially able to see and hear what was going on in the Boston dugout. In effect, a fairly complex sign-stealing operation.

None of the three teams mentioned above have commented. Having said that, IF this is true it does present a bit of a problem. It would call into question the legitimacy of what Houston’s done in the past few years, and this year. The irony would be however that it would be the Boston Red Sox, who did something similar with an apple watch last year, who were victims.

The bit about Cleveland in essence warning Boston is interesting also. Cleveland manager Francona of course managed the BoSox for many years. So there are ties between the franchises in that sense. Let’s be frank; sign-stealing and using any method possible to gain an advantage (a fancy way of saying cheating) is rampant across MLB and sports. Writers such as myself talk about the integrity of the game and so forth, and I think that’s fine and good – for writers. But between the lines, guys are willing to do whatever they deem necessary to win. Including cheat.

But it’s also rare that teams will call one another out. Kind of an unwritten rule inside of an unwritten rule. First off, tattling is unbecoming of grown men. Remember the old adage snitches get stiches? It’s bad enough to cheat, but you don’t want to be the guy to attach your name to manifesting the situation in public. Again, it’s unbecoming of a grown man.

But often times things such as Team A warning Team B about Team C will go on. And if this story is to be believed, that’s probably what happened. Ironically, Forbes later came out with a story saying that there was no wrong-doing by the Astros. Apparently the league was willing to acgknowledge that there was a Houston employee involved in something, but that he was apparently keeping an eye on the BoSox to ensure that THEY weren’t cheating. Again accoring to Forbes, the matter was closed according to MLB.

Believe what you wish one way or the other. I’ve seen several really strange things however when the Orioles have played Houston. The same is true in series’ not involving the O’s when Houston’s playing. A lot of funny things seem to happen in games in which they’re involved. And they usually seem to happen in Houston’s favor.

Understand, while it may not appear as such, I’m NOT accusing the Houston Astros of cheating. One side says one thing, and the other says something else. Unequivocally, we have a he said she said situation. But this is a story that’s out there, and will potentially have to be addressed further at some point. Something that’s certainly worthy of keeping an eye upon.

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