Baltimore Orioles: Mark DeRosa for manager?

There are several names circulating as candidates for the Baltimore Orioles’ open managerial spot. There are several “recycled managers” out there, many of whom are relatively big names. I’m on record as saying that the O’s should go young and go with someone who’s probably on his first manager’s job.

I say that because someone like that is going to work for what the Orioles are going to want to spend. And I don’t say that meaning that the O’s aren’t willing to pay for a decent manager. They spent a lot on Showalter over the years. They’re willing to spend for a top-notch manager. But the team they’re going to have for the foreseeable future wouldn’t warrant someone like a Soscia. Just not in the cards.

So having said that, one name that’s been floated is former major league utility man and current MLB analyst Mark DeRosa. DeRosa was drafted in 1996 by Atlanta. He played for eight different teams over the course of his career, retiring after playing in Toronto for the 2013 season.

In many ways he does fit the bill. He’s a former player and he’s young. However I caution the Orioles and fans on one point: he’s never coached. And I don’t mean he’s never managed, I mean he’s never been a coach in MLB. After retiring he went straight to MLB Network and has been there ever since.

People will look at Boone in New York and say that worked out pretty well. Sure…when you have a championship-caliber team in place it’s probably pretty easy. However there are quite a few things about managing that you can only learn by being a coach on someone’s staff and watching what they do.

The flip side of the coin is that if the Orioles don’t take a shot on hi, someone else might. Then you’re on the clock to win a World Series before that team. Again, DeRosa may well be a great manager one day. But are the Orioles willing to take the risk that he will be right now – after no coaching experience?

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