Baltimore Orioles: Manny Machado vs. Jonathan Schoop

As I said last week, the likes of Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop being in the post-season seemingly allow the best era in recent Baltimore Orioles’ history to live on. Albeit in absentia in a sense. So on that basis, Orioles fans are in for a treat.

Machado’s Los Angeles Dodgers and Schoop’s Milwaukee Brewers are set to square off in the National League Championship Series. One of those two will obviously get the opportunity to go into uncharted waters, and advance to the World Series. Will it be the Dodgers, who by default are always going to be a part of the national discussion of baseball? Or the blue collar Brew Crew, from the blue collar town of Milwaukee?

I use that term because Milwaukee is a lot like Baltimore in a sense. However that aside, Machado’s certainly had an easier time since leaving the O’s than Schoop has. Machado’s hit .273 with 13 homers as a Dodger. Schoop’s hit .202 with four homers. In some instances he’s been used in essence as a bench player and/or pinch hitter.

That aside, Schoop and Machado were very close friends with the Orioles. We all remember Schoop leaving his vacation and driving to Manny’s house to see him off after having been traded. So I’m sure that both will want to beat the other one, however both would be happy for the other if he wins.

My hope is that Orioles fans don’t follow this series thinking that it’s a shame the Orioles couldn’t keep those players. Be happy for them, and know that at the very least the O’s got something back for them. May the best former Oriole win!

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