Baltimore Orioles: 2019 should be better by default

One of the big storylines coming out of camp in 2018 for the Baltimore Orioles was the fact that they signed Alex Cobb and Andrew Cashner. Analysts around baseball all agreed that those were great moves by the Orioles. The numbers of course say otherwise.

Cobb was 5-15 on the season with a 4.90 ERA. Cashner was 4-15 with an ERA of 5.29. Both pitchers signed at the tail end of spring training, with Cashner actually having a start. But neither had a traditional spring.

Those two signings kind of backfired on the O’s. Now while both pitchers were victim of numerous quality starts with no offensive output, the fact is that both pitchers struggled throughout the first half. And they struggled mightily.

So it stands to reason that seeing as both will have their full compliment of spring starts and workouts next year, 2019 should be better. Does that mean that they’ll win all of their starts? Probably not, because they’re going to have a young team next year. But if you can pencil in perhaps one additional win per week or so, the 2019 season might look at least a little brighter from the outset. Brighter than 2018 at least.

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