Baltimore Orioles: Buck Showalter will not be returning (updated, Duquette out as well)

The rumors about now former Baltimore Orioles’ manager Buck Showalter can now be put to rest. Multiple team media sources have confirmed that Showalter will not be returning to the organization. His contract expires at the end of this month.

Showalter apparently met multiple times with John and Lou Angelos, as recently as this morning. There was also apparently talk of him accepting another position within the organization. But it wasn’t to be, which is presumably his choice. It’s unclear whether or not Showalter intends to manage again, return to a media role, or what he intends to do. All that’s clear now is that he’s out and the O’s will have a new man in the dugout next season.

There is one point I want to make, however. Regardless of anything, Buck Showalter isn’t being fired. There are multiple outlets (including ESPN) reporting that he’s being fired. Perhaps we’re talking semantics, but he isn’t being fired. His contract is up, and both parties have completed their obligations to one another. The endgame is the same in that he’s no longer going to be the manager. But to say he’s being fired is 100% inaccurate. More as it comes.

Update, 6PM: According to THE ATHLETIC’s Ken Rosenthal, Dan Duquette is expected to not be retained after his contract is up, along with Showalter. Interesting turn of events for someone who was previously thought to be safe. More as it comes!

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