Baltimore Orioles: Yefry Ramirez shines in close loss

Admitedly, Yefry Ramirez deserved a better fate last night than to be pulled short of six innings. Ramirez pitched about as solidly as he could have last night, doing more than just putting the O’s in a spot to win the game. Ramirez’s line: 5.2 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 7 K.

Ramirez mowed Chicago hitters down all night. And again, he deserved a better fate. But as can generally be the case with these Orioles, it was another rally started with two outs which did Ramirez in. A two-out double in the sixth put a runner in scoring position. Sanchez proceeded to smack an RBI-double…

…well, that might be a bit of a stretch. Another thing that’s plagued the O’s for a long time (in the Buck Showalter era) is teams seemingly doing less and getting more. Sanchez sent a soft pop up cutting towards the left field line. It fell fair, and ended up being a double. The Orioles try to hit the cover off the ball, but are seemingly defeated by teams who try to hit it softer. Garcia would smack a solo homer in the ninth to cap off Chicago’s 2-0 win.

However the story of the game from my perspective was still Yefry Ramirez. The Orioles are going back to being unable to put it all together on the same night. Friday night they put up six runs. Last night if they had put up just half of that they would have gotten the win. (All things being equal, which I recognize is always a stretch.)

After the game Buck Showalter spoke glowingly about Ramirez (all quotes courtesy of Steve Melewski, MASNsports):

Really good, really good. That’s probably his best outing of the year. A good night to pitch on, crisp. I thought [his] best fastball, best slider. His slider’s come a long way. Changeup, threw about 10 or 15 of those. Good times to the plate with runners on base. Just another night where he deserved a better fate as far as W and L. He was outstanding. That was fun to watch. He was fun to catch. That was as good as you want to see a young pitcher pitch.

Showalter was also asked if Ramirez was going to stay in the rotation moving forward:

Don’t feel good about the way Andrew’s (Cashner) knee is responding. He’s not going to pitch Monday, which is his normal start, so we’re going to need a starter there. (Josh) Rogers is at a point where we’re probably looking, really, not to pitch him much. Cash, there’s no real day he’s scheduled to start right now unless we get some real positive movement with his knee, we’re not going to pitch him. Just hasn’t responded to the treatment and the cortisone as we’d hoped. Structurally, he’s in good shape, just the wear and tear of the season, I guess. Alex (Cobb) probably going to play a little catch in the next day or two, but I’m not expecting that to be imminent for him to start, either. So, that’s my way of answering. Yefry’s going to pitch.

So based on that, it would stand to reason that Ramirez’s name might be penciled in as a starter going into Spring Training next year. Of course that also could be contingent on who the manager is. If it’s Buck Showalter, I would expect Ramirez to get a great shot at making the team as a starter out of the spring.

The series with Chicago concludes this afternoon at Camden Yards. David Hess gets the call for the O’s, and he’ll be opposed by Chicago’s Lucas Giolito. Game time is set for just after 1 PM.

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