Baltimore Orioles: Your hometown forecast

Following a three-city road trip, the Baltimore Orioles are off today. And if you believe some of the forecasts, they may actually be off for awhile. Oakland, Chicago, and Toronto are scheduled to come into Camden Yards starting tomorrow – a nine-game home stand. But the weather will play a role in whether or not that home stand actually plays out.

They’re calling for rain – and lots of it. Then at the end of the week we see the potential impacts of Hurricane Florence, which may or may not impact our area. Somewhat similar to Mike Trout, I’m kind of interested in the weather and the patterns. And I know enough about it to know not to start making predictions on hurricanes.

The first part of the home stand against Oakland is probably the most important – from the league’s perspective, that is. Oakland is still in the play off race, and MLB is going to want all three of those games played to completion. Granted one of them, possibly two (if you throw in the potential of a doubleheader) might well get rescheduled. Perhaps even until after the season.

However the Chicago and Toronto series’ might be a different story. Neither of those teams, nor the Orioles, are in the play off chase. It would be interesting to see if the league would allow the cancellation of what amounts to two series’, giving the Orioles only 154 games. But in the same respect, what would be the point of playing them?

Forecasters are saying that if Florence stalls, it could bring a massive amount of rain to various areas over several days.That’s where things are uncertain right now. But one way or the other…we motor on.

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