Baltimore Orioles: There are worse places to be

Baltimore Orioles fans are struggling – perhaps more so than the team itself. For years and years fans begged the organization for a full rebuild. Those cries were muted following 2012 when they became a contender. However the fact remains that the fans wanted it for some time.

And now they’ve got it. I think it’s very easy to fall into the trap of looking at teams such as Houston, Chicago (Cubs), and others and view only the finished product. It’s also very easy to look at the likes of Boston and New York and wonder how their rebuilds were even quicker than those of Houston or Chicago – mainly because guys like Judge, Betts, et al, were not just “nuggets,” but immediate and perennial all-stars.

But again, now Orioles fans have their rebuild. Nobody wants to hear about how tough it was for Houston, because they won the World Series. But they went through this. They went through times where literally nothing went right for them because they had a crop of young players who may or may not have worked out. That’s where the Orioles are now.

But that’s a fine place to be – right now. Look down the pike at Washington, who just traded (through waivers) two players to contenders. They literally got pennies on the dollar for them. Had they decided to trade guys at the non-waiver deadline a few weeks ago, they would have gotten more – and MUCH MORE at that.

Would you rather be in that spot? Trying to warm over your team without a rebuild, and getting nothing back for your players? Or would you rather be like the Miami Marlins, who had nothing to trade to begin with? At least the Orioles had trade pieces that brought them a crop of prospects. It’s not an easy process. But it’s one that Orioles fans wanted. And contrary to what the team’s record says, there are worse places to be.

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