Baltimore Orioles been dominated by Toronto since September 16, 2014

David Hess threw a great game in Toronto for the Baltimore Orioles this afternoon. Hess’ line: 7.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 7 K. Hess didn’t give up his first hit until the fifth inning. The issue of course was that the O’s couldn’t score either. Feast or famine.

Unfortunately for Hess, he was tagged with the loss. He gave up a solo homer to Morales in the seventh, giving Toronto a 1-0 lead. And in reality, that’s all they needed. Toronto would put five additional runs on the board in the last of the eighth – three of which came on a three-run homer. Baseball’s a tough game at times.

The Orioles did threaten in this game. They had numerous base runners on base through the middle innings. In the top of the seventh they started the inning with two runners in scoring position and nobody out. Toronto was allowed to pitch out of it. One half inning later of course, Toronto took the lead on the aforementioned Morales homer. I’ve said it all year: your enemies get fa on what you leave behind.

The O’s of course defeated Toronto on September 16, 2014 to win the AL East. That game may well have represented some sort of cosmic shift in the universe. Toronto’s dominated the Orioles since then. It started the following season, which culminated with Toronto de-throning the Orioles as AL East champions by winning the division at Camden Yards.

Regardless of what the Orioles did, Toronto would answer – and in doing so they’d answer bigger and better. The Orioles had what appeared to be a bloop RBI-single this afternoon. Yet the ball was caught by a Toronto fielder in amazing fashion. There’s something about the Orioles that they don’t like, but it brings out the best in them. And it leaves the Orioles apparently powerless.

Their view of the Orioles since that day has also extended off the field, as everyone recalls them trying to bully the O’s into letting them have Dan Duquette. And yet in a situation that seemed to be an obvious case of one team trying to muscle in on the property of another, Toronto still managed to “win” that situation. The Orioles kept Duquette – make no mistake about that. But in doing so they were somehow painted as the villains in a situation where in reality they were the victims.

And that futility against Toronto culminated today, with the Orioles having gone 0-10 at Rogers Centre this year. It’s always been a tough yard for the Orioles to navigate, but it would stand to reason that they could have pulled one game out. So perhaps that’s something that the 2019 Orioles can work on; if they could win a few games in Toronto, their overall record would be marginally better.

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