Baltimore Orioles: Should Dylan Bundy have been traded?

Dylan Bundy had another rough night at the office for the Baltimore Orioles. Bundy’s line: 4.0 IP, 10 H, 7 R, 0 BB, 3 K. Chalk it up as another case of a guy pitching-to-contact, and a team just raring to make contact. However needless to say, Bundy wasn’t fooling anyone.

The O’s found themselves behind from the outset when Morales smacked a first inning RBI-single. The Birds would tie it up in the second on Caleb Joseph‘s RBI-single, but that’s as close as they got. Diaz would homer in the last of the second, and McKinney’s two-RBI single in the fourth would break the game open at 4-1 in Toronto’s favor.

Tack on an additional run on a Nunez E5, and Bundy was really struggling. (Obviously the error wasn’t his fault, however when you have runners on base and the ball’s put in play that can often occur.) However on a bright note, Cedric Mullins would hit his second big league homer with a solo shot in the top of the fifth. But Toronto would counter with three solo homers in the last of that fifth inning, topping things off for Toronto’s victory.

Bundy now has an ERA of 5.31, and his record on the year falls to 7-12. Needless to say, Bundy’s struggled – big time. This season has probably been a step backwards in a sense for Dylan Bundy.

Prior to the trade deadline when the O’s were talking about selling, there was an idea of trading Dylan Bundy (like they did with Gausman). So…should that have happened? Did the Orioles miss an opportunity?

People who focus squarely on results are going to say of course they missed an opportunity. Maybe they did. However the fact is that the team needs starting pitching in the here and now. You aren’t going to blindly promote some of the pitchers they got in return in the various trades simply because you just got them in a trade.

However Bundy does need to find himself again. There’s approximately five weeks plus left in the season. He really needs to buckle down on himself and turn things in the right direction. Because otherwise I wouldn’t put it past the Orioles to have an open competition in spring training next year regarding the starting rotation. He also makes himself tougher to deal in the off season if the Birds go in that direction.

But I’m not going to blindly say that they should have traded him. Things might be worse now with someone else in that slot. We just don’t know. So it’s a tough sell to argue that the Orioles missed an opportunity. The fact is that they made a huge commitment to the fan base to rebuild. And they ripped apart the old team much quicker than most people would have thought. If they erred in not including Bundy in that, so be it.

The Birds will try to salvage one game in Toronto with tomorrow’s series finale at Rogers Centre. David Hess gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Toronto’s Thomas Pannone. Game time is set for just after 12:30 PM.


  1. u claim 2 b the authority on the os but u r too thick to know everything they do is wrong. Of course they should have traded him.


    1. Well what I don’t understand is why someone who’s obviously as savvy as you when it comes to baseball and the Orioles would read AND comment on a column obviously written by a simpleton such as myself. Who’s the dumb one here?


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