Baltimore Orioles: August trades?

Conventional wisdom says that the Baltimore Orioles are done making trades – for now. Obviously a team that’s now devoid the likes of Machado, Schoop, Gausman, and O’Day is basically a team deconstructed. Again, conventional wisdom says that the O’s are done. But this season’s sent conventional wisdom on vacation.

My personal opinion is that the roster as it is now is pretty much the roster that will finish the season (withstanding September call-ups). But as we know, July 31st doesn’t necessarily end the trade season. Prior to that date, trades can happen at will. Afterwards (and up until August 31st at 4 PM), players need to pass through waivers.

Most teams put their players on waivers in August – it’s fairly commonplace. So when a player is placed on waivers, anyone can claim him for 47 hours. If a team puts in a claim on a player, the original team can either pull the player back, work out a trade with the claiming team, or just let the player (and his salary) go to the claiming team. Incidentally trades can still occur after the 4 PM August 31st deadline as well, however any player traded after that time is ineligible to be on a post-season roster.

So in essence, there’s some risk involved in these August waiver trades. Any team in theory could block teams from making trades. That’s not something that happens often, but it adds a bit of risk in a sense. While the trading team can still pull the player(s) back, obviously if someone else lays claim to a player they’re indicating that they aren’t going to let that player go to the new team.

I think that the Orioles would be amenable to trading a guy like Jones or Trumbo. That is if the opportunity presented itself. And that’s a big if. Obviously in Jones’ case he could block the trade by invoking his 10-and-5 rights, which is another story entirely. But if the Orioles thought they could get better and younger for the future, my gut tells me that they’d pull the trigger on a trade this month. Again, if the opportunity presented itself.

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