Baltimore Orioles: New York has interest in Manny Machado

It was reported yesterday during the Baltimore Orioles’ doubleheader with New York that the Yankees have contacted the O’s about trading for Manny Machado. The Orioles are listening to offers from plenty of other clubs, however New York certainly is interested. They’re also interested in Zach BrittonBrad Brach, and perhaps a couple of starters.

I’ve said before that I think it’s an incredibly risky move to trade a player of Machado’s caliber within the division. He may well find his way to the Bronx one way or the other (via free agency), but the fact is that teams make trades to better themselves – either now or in the future. The Orioles shouldn’t be in the business of helping New York better themselves.

Now having said that, if some of the above-mentioned players were packaged together to get a nice return, perhaps the Orioles consider it. But even still, there’s a caveat. If the O’s are going to trade with New York, they should get a higher return than they would if they were going to trade with Los Angeles, Chicago, or Milwaukee. In essence, New York should expect to get squeezed as opposed to just making “a nice deal.”

So if Los Angeles was going to offer two prospects, the Orioles would ask for three from New York. Some would say that’s unfair, and a lousy way to do business. That’s up to the beholder, however when it comes to trading a player like Machado to a division rival you don’t want to just win the trade. You want to win the trade running away.

My personal opinion is that he won’t go to New York. Although it certainly would be easy in the sense that he could just switch clubhouses. However keep in mind that New York seems to buy low and sell high. They obtained the likes of Judge for fairly cheap. That can’t be allowed to happen if they’re going to do business with the Orioles.

For now, the O’s should probably be thanking New York for getting into the fray. Because teams such as Los Angeles or Milwaukee now know that they may have to up the ante a bit. Whereas previously if the deal was two players and then went to three when New York got involved, they may need to offer four now. So the Orioles can in essence use New York to get a better deal, but if they’re going to ship Manny to the Bronx they’d better get much better return than they would have gotten from another team. Am I saying that different teams should get different rules? That’s exactly what I’m saying.


  1. Joke of a team if that is how they do business. I would luv to see Manny in pinstripes b/c I am a yakees fan. But the price should be the same for everyone. Having one price for a guy and another for another is collusion. And it’s flat out mean and wrong. Am I saying the Orioles are mean and wrong. That’s exactly what I’m saying.


    1. Tony, I’d take a course in law or business before you call that collusion. Fact is that it’s not collusion. It’s one team recognizing that another team directly competes with them, and saying that if they want a player the price is higher. It happens all the time. In terms of being “mean,” baseball’s a business. Nice guys don’t always finish first. Am I saying that the O’s are justified if they squeeze NY? That’s exactly what I’m saying.


    2. dude u r a fool if you think there’s a problem with the O’s wanting more from the Yankees just because it’s the yankees. Take off the pinstripe glasses and you’ll see that.

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      1. Have you never read the dec of ind? All men are created equal. If they trade him to the Yankees for a bigger deal than they would get from anyone else the Yankees could sue for them being unfair.


        1. The only relevance the Declaration of Independence has to this discussion is that if you aren’t careful I’m going to declare this site independent of you and not allow your commentary. So watch yourself. That said, Incan guarantee you that nobody’s getting sued over a prospective Machado deal. Life’s not always fair – you might do well to remember that.


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