Baltimore Orioles open nine-game interleague stretch

No need to visit the greater Miami area anytime soon, because the Miami Marlins are coming to town to play the Baltimore Orioles! Tonight’s game begins a nine-game stretch for the Orioles where they’ll play exclusively interleague games. However these first three won’t really be a departure from the norm, as the Birds will be at home.

That of course means that Miami’s starting pitchers won’t have to hit, and they’ll get the benefit of a DH. However after an off day on Monday, the Birds will head south to Washington on Tuesday night for three games. The onto Atlanta for three next weekend as well. Obviously in those cases Oriole pitchers will have/get to hit and the Birds will surrender their DH.

I’ve said this before ad hoc, and I’ll say it again; can we please get rid of the DH?! I’m the first one to tell you that the odds are the National League adopting the DH at some point is probably more realistic than the American League doing away with it. However if the game was supposed to be played with pitchers not having to wield the bat, that would have been put into the rules to begin with. The National League game provides for there to be so much more strategy and thinking ahead in games due to the pitcher being in the order. Just my take.

Miami comes in following a 16-inning loss yesterday afternoon to San Francisco at home. In terms of rest, that gives the Orioles a big advantage. they played a much longer game than they expected to play, and then had to fly to Baltimore. This while the Birds were idle yesterday.

The series with Miami in Baltimore begins tonight at Camden Yards. Kevin Gausman gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Miami’s Jose Urena. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.

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