Baltimore Orioles: Will a different team take on the N.Y. Mets?

This afternoon’s Baltimore Orioles game against New York at Camden Yards has been  canceled due to rain. The game will be made up as part of a split doubleheader on Saturday August 25th. The makeup game will be at 1 PM, and the previously scheduled game will begin at 7 PM. A separate admission is required for each game.

So the O’s will have the rest of today, and tomorrow off. They’ll then head to New York for a two-game set against the New York Mets. Just a friendly reminder, the Birds will have to surrender their DH in those two games. And as a person who likes the National League game better BECAUSE the pitchers hit, I’m looking forward to that.

The question is whether or not the Orioles team that heads to Queens on Tuesday night is the same team we’ve known to this point. Reports surfaced yesterday that the Orioles have expressed interest in former Boston infielder/DH Hanley Ramirez, who was recently DFA’d by Boston. Ramirez is hitting .254 on the year, and has six homers. He also has 1.000 fielding percentage (over 25 games this year at first base).

Based on the twitter reaction, this would not be a popular move to Orioles fans. However let’s look at the facts; first and foremost, Ramirez was DFA’d. That means that the $15 million he’s due this year is going to be paid by Boston. As much as I talk about the Orioles not DFAing players because they’d still have to pay them, they could kind of do that process in reverse in this case.

However the fact is that while he struggled this year, Ramirez is a better option than Valencia or Alvarez. Odds are one of those two would be DFA’d if Ramirez were brought in. And given that both of them are here on minor league deals, it wouldn’t cost the Orioles but about $100K.

The drawback with Ramirez is that he has a clause in his deal whereby if he reached 497 plate appearances, he’s due $22 million for next year. And that would be picked up by the Orioles. He’s currently at 195 PA’s – so between there and 497, could the O’s not decipher if they want to keep Ramirez? Either that or limit his plate appearances so that he doesn’t get to that point.

Easier said than done, but possible. The other option is that Ramirez might be a guy who could be included in a trade at the deadline to perhaps draw a prospect. He wouldn’t net a massive haul, however he could bring the Orioles a farmhand that might help to re-stock their system. And if all else fails and he doesn’t work out, they can DFA him – and guess what? He’d still be on Boston’s payroll!

Nothing that has happened to the Orioles this year has made sense. The Orioles have played games and made moves in a very conventional manner – and in essence they’ve been outdone by teams thinking outside the box. So if nothing else, this would be the O’s thinking outside the box.


  1. You live in a fantasy world stop trying to convince your readers our orioles are not a bad team ive been a fan for over 30 years since i moved here from tulsa oklahoma stop trying to brainwash and insult our intelligence you can believe that nonsense but i dont im sure im not the only one that feels that way how many games does it take you to accept reality so continue smoking whatever you are smoking


    1. Usually I disallow disrespectful comments, but you seem like someone that deserves to have an example made out of him. Show me where I said any of what you’re saying I said. Seriously dude, get a grip. I’m not sure how the media operates in a cow town like Tulsa, OK, but this is the northeast. Furthermore nobody’s forcing you to read this column. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere. And believe me, from my perspective you can’t go elsewhere soon enough. You say “our Orioles;” again dude, I’m not a fan. As a writer I can’t have a rooting interest, lest I lose credibility. Your argument would probably be that I don’t have it with you so let me re-phrase that; lest I lose credibility with real baseball fans. Not ones “straight outta Tulsa.” Incidentally if you think you could do better reporting on “our Orioles,” I’d encourage you to try. Maybe then you’ll see it’s not that easy. Good day and buh-bye.


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