Baltimore Orioles’ double-digit hits equals no runs

It’s pretty tough to blame Chris Davis for the Baltimore Orioles’ woes this afternoon – which is what many fans have been apt to do lately. Davis was on the bench the entire game, getting the day off. While the O’s racked up double-digit hits (13, to be exact), none of those runs crossed the plate. And all but one of those hits was a single, for what that’s worth.

David Hess made the second start of his career, and while he took the loss he looked similar to how he did in his first start. Hess’ line: 4.2 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 2 BB, 4 K. Hess is a guy who pitches-to-contact, which is fine in a sense. However when Boston makes contact, they really make contact. And the bats offensively didn’t do him any favors to say the least.

Boston took the lead in the second inning on a Martinez solo homer, which barely wrapped itself around the Pesky Pole in right field. That’s 303 feet from home plate, and it appeared to travel 303.5 feet. But a homer’s a homer, and Boston had the lead.

And when you hold your opponent to zero runs, that’s really all you need. But the BoSox would get two two-run homers in the fifth inning, which helped do the O’s in. Benintendi smacked the first one, followed later in the inning by Martinez again. And that’s your ballgame, folks.

The Orioles left 14 men on base in the game, which can’t be allowed to continue. There were various points where they had two runners on and were unable to score. Again, that won’t win you any games. Ironically, they even got a hit with a runner in scoring position – and didn’t score a run. That really drives home how inefficient the offense was today.

In general people shouldn’t worry about the bats. This is a team that can score runs in bunches, which is something that we’ve seen – even this year. But it didn’t happen in this game today. And obviously you don’t want to go on another long losing streak.

One thing that does need to happen is that the O’s need to find a way to keep David Hess on the roster and in the rotation. Yes he showed that he could be hurt by the long ball today, but they can work with that. He throws strikes and he has good control. Until he proves or shows that he shouldn’t be in the big leagues, he should remain here.

The O’s now head to the south side of Chicago to open up a four-game set with the ChiSox. Andrew Cashner gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Chicago’s Hector Santisago. Game time is set for just after 8 PM.


  1. double digit hits and no runs equals GREEDD! GREED! GREED! Share and share alike is a better way to do things than how this odious team operates. GREED! GREED! GREED!


  2. Don unless you start writing about the greed going on I’m going to start saying that you’re part of the problem.


    1. Cravetti, I’m really not sure what you mean by any of this. The Orioles aren’t any more or less greedy than any other franchise. If you want to talk Orioles’ baseball, you’re welcome here. If you want to spew nonsensical garbage about greed, please go elsewhere.


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