Baltimore Orioles, Alex Cobb get it right at “The Fens”

The Baltimore Orioles got a look at the version of Alex Cobb for which they signed up when they inked him back in spring training. It wasn’t perfect per se, but few outings at Fenway Park are going to be for any pitcher. But it was good enough to win last night – and that’s all that’s important. Cobb’s line: 6.1 IP, 10 H, 3 R, 1 BB, 3 K.

The Birds got on the board early on a Trumbo RBI-groundout in the first inning. Cobb gave up ten hits on the day, however for the most part the Birds were able to get out of those base runner situations unscathed. And that’s the key in baseball – getting yourself out of trouble.

Cobb in effect made one bad pitch – and it ended up being a solo homer off the bat of Betts in the third inning. Other than that, he worked out of most situations that arose. One inning after that homer the Birds got the lead back – and then some. Adam Jones‘ two-RBI single gave the O’s a 3-1 lead. Jones would also take second on a throwing error. Manny Machado would also add a two-run scoring single.

And just like that, the Orioles led 5-1 at Fenway Park. And it was due to a big inning, which was exactly how it had to be. Fenway’s been a tough place for the Birds to play the past few years. So had the lead been one or two runs, it might have been tougher to manage. But a big inning put everyone at east just a bit – including Cobb.

And sure enough, Boston did make a bit of a run. They would add two runs in the fifth to cut the lead to 5-3. However Jonathan Schoop would smack a solo homer in the seventh, extending the Birds’ lead to 6-3. And Boston came back again in the eighth –  on a Nunez RBI-double. But Trumbo’s RBI-double in the ninth inning ran the score to 7-4, which held up in the last of the ninth.

This was the Orioles’ first road victory on the season at a place other than Yankee Stadium. It was also Cobb’s first victory as an Oriole, which he addressed after the game (quote courtesy of Rich Dubroff,

Baseball is a crazy game, and you could have won some of those games, but I believe that when you have the ball in your hand, you have the ability to win a ballgame. I love the win. I love that column next to your name when you feel like you really show that you put your team in a position to win multiple nights.

The series continues this evening at Fenway Park. Dylan Bundy gets the start for the Orioles, and he’ll be opposed by Boston’s Rick Porcello. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.


  1. i live in baltimore and have been a orioles fan for over 40 years and i have to say bucks actions of walking on the field on thursday night to remove his pitcher after the home run was hit not only disrespecting his pitcher but also the man who hit the home run was not a classy thing to do he should of waited until the runner had crossed home plate you will most likely defend buck but i can honestly say i was disappointed in bucks actions. thank you


  2. thats not true it was on the radio as well as mlb network you dont do that its extremely disrespectful to the pitcher as well as the hitter


    1. Trust me, the Red Sox make a big deal out of anything and they don’t forget a perceived slight. If they felt disrespected.m by that they would have said or done something.


    1. Can we please stop exchanging pleasantries? Don’t respond because that just furthers the discussion. It just makes no sense to not comment on baseball stuff and just exchange pleasantries like this – especially on a column where the policy is that the writer always has the last word on topics directed towards him. Again, no need to respond. Your silence will be the only further pleasantry that I’ll need to get through my day. Cheers.


  3. Buck broke an unwritten rule forsure! I always read stuff from you about unwritten rules. If the shoe were on the other foot you would be complaining about it all day long.


  4. Buck walked right in front of the runner as he was running home. Do you really think that is okay and an appropriate thing to do as a manager. Not it’s not. You wait until he crosses home plate before walking out on the field. That’s just commen sense!!


    1. Let’s say you’re right – first off if that’s true, then YOU should be penning this column and not I. Secondly, IF that was a breach of protocol, what should the penalty be?


  5. Maybe throwing at a batter today but I think Boston has more class than to do that. Good Day Sir! BUCK SHOULD BE ASHAMMED OF HIMSELF!!! Disgraceful!


  6. im sorry domenic but i do agree what buck did the other night was wrong he should of waited until the batter had crossed home plate it was disrespectful 2 his pitcher as well as the batter i do consider buck a classy man and i feel if he could have it back he would of done it diffrent the batter in no shape or form was trying 2 show up the orioles at all i just consider it as he being frustrated but still it could of been handled diffrent. Thank u its just my opinion thats all & i think buck is a man of class just could of been handled diffrent


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