Baltimore Orioles: Jonathan Schoop to return tonight

The Baltimore Orioles begin a nine-game home stand this evening against Kansas City. And with the home winds comes a welcome re-addition to the club: second baseman Jonathan Schoop. Schoop is expected to come off the DL for this evening’s game, requiring a roster move. If I were a betting man I’d go with Engelb Vielma being optioned back to the minors.

There can be no question that the Orioles have missed Schoop across the board. The infield defense suffered big time in his absence. And his bat has been missed as well in the lineup, and the hope is that it’s presence now helps to streamline the offense just a bit. The Birds aren’t as far away as people want to believe. A base knock here or a homer there – and some of these games might look a little different. The hope is that Schoop provides that type of spark.

It’s still unclear as to whether there will be any personnel changes in the organization before tonight’s game. I was under the impression that if they were going to do anything it would have happened yesterday. But obviously nothing happened. But if anything happens today, stay tuned to my twitter feed, @DomenicVadala, as well as to Birdland Crush for updates.

The series with Kansas City opens this evening at Camden Yards. Dylan Bundy will try to get back on track for the O’s in the starting rotation, and he’ll be opposed by Kansas City’s Danny Duffy. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.


  1. Hopefully Jonathan’s return to the line up will be the spark the O’s need to get the ball rolling again.


    1. Well maybe consider this – do you think you could do better in the games? Because if so I’d like to see it. These guys’ jobs aren’t easy. Sure it looks like entertainment when you’re sitting in the cheap seats and so forth. But as someone who’s been around the game and seen it up close, trust me that it isn’t easy. Maybe something to keep in mind before criticizing.


  2. To Matt Meyer, ur an idiot, the O’s have Great players. They are just not playing well so far this year. Just check out the stats of those players over the history of their MLB careers. The reason they keep losing is bad calls by the umps and just plain being unlucky!!! So to you Matt Meyrr, just keep ur trap shut!! Go O’s! Keep up the good writing Domenic!!!


    1. Thanks, but I wouldn’t say the reason they’re losing is bad calls. That’s not to say that every strike zone and every call has been consistent – it hasn’t. But that’s part of the game. You can chalk it up to statistical oddities in the form of guys playing well below their career means. Thanks for reading!


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