Baltimore Orioles: Too much preparation?

As we know by now, Pedro Alvarez started at third base in yesterday’s game with about twenty minutes’ notice due to an injury. Those types of things happen, and they happen across all sports. The good news is that Alvarez was ready to go, both defensively and offensively.

The results say that Alvarez was ready to go. But that’s the job of any professional athlete. I suspect that Alvarez knew he wouldn’t be in the (original) lineup yesterday well before that lineup was posted for the media. In the back of his head, he probably knew there was a good chance he might pinch-hit late in the game, but that for the most part he’d be on the bench watching.

And that’s especially true with the Orioles facing a southpaw yesterday. But is it not possible that part of the issue with streaks like those is that it gets into the player’s head? Alvarez nary had time to think or breath before taking the field yesterday. He just “acted” when the team needed him.

So the question on a bigger scale is whether or not we have so many numbers and are now so prepared that in effect we fail. That’s a tough question for me to ask, because I pride myself in my own attention to detail, and care that I put into doing something. But in effect, can you get so close to the forest that you can’t smell the trees?

Maybe I’m doing a poor job of getting to the point; but in essence, if you just act as opposed to thinking, are you possibly more prone to success? Basically, are your chances of success better if you just fly by the seat of your pants? Speaking for myself, I hope not – because I believe in strong preparation and attention to detail. But anything’s possible.


  1. sometimes you are better off just being thrown to the fire than having time to sit back and think about things the devils playground is having to much time on your hands to think about thingsLETS GO CAPS


    1. I don’t know if I’d go that far, as there is some preparation and attention to detail that’s necessary. But that’s kind of what happened on Sunday with Alvarez – he was just thrown in. Go Caps!


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