Baltimore Orioles can’t even get a break from the weather

This series against Tampa was supposed to be a get well series of sorts for the Baltimore Orioles. While Tampa has a slightly better record, the Birds are a much more talented team. Tampa’s a team of minor leaguers, who while having shown promise, probably wouldn’t be in the big leagues with any other organization.

So this could have been three games in which the Birds might have been able to spread their wings and show what they’re capable of in a sense. And they still could, but it’s being truncated to a two-game series. Mother nature has intervened, and tonight’s game has been post phoned.

The game will be made up as part of a single-admission doubleheader on Saturday, May 12th. Game one will begin at 3 PM, and the second one will begin approximately 20-25 minutes after the conclusion of the first game. Fans with tickets for tonight’s game will need to exchange the value of their tickets and parking for tonight’s game at the Camden Yards box office, or in writing by mail to:

Baltimore Orioles

Attn: April 24 Rainout

333 West Camden St.

Baltimore, MD. 21201

I’m not sure why the makeup was scheduled in this manner, but that’s how it goes. Teams generally don’t like giving up home games, which in essence is what the Orioles are doing. They’ll now have 80 home games this year, as that one admission on May 12th will get fans into both games.

Thus the Tampa series opens tomorrow at Camden Yards, once again weather permitting. Alex Cobb gets the start for the Birds, and he’ll be opposed by Tampa’s Jake Faria. Game time is set for just after 7 PM.


  1. you said the samething about the tiger series and look what happened im not saying the orioles cant win the series but as of right now with our record it seems we cant take any opponent lightly domenic thats my opinion


    1. There are certain teams that are in rebuilding mode. And when I say that I mean that they freely admit it to their fans, which I feel is a mistake. (You want to give people a reason to come to the ballpark, and saying that you’re rebuilding doesn’t sell many tickets. Does that mean you should use smoke in mirrors and put on a bit of a dog and pony show? Yes, at times.) When I say rebuilding I mean that they have young players as opposed to the steady hand of experience. The Orioles should beat those teams, in accordance with what the mean numbers of their players say. (In Detroit’s case they have some veterans also but their core is young.)

      I didn’t suggest that anyone should take anyone else lightly. What I said was that the Orioles have the steady hand of experience on their side in cases like these. And that makes a lot of difference as opposed to playing young upstarts.


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