Baltimore Orioles: In this game there are unwritten codes

There’s one big difference between what happened between Boston and the Baltimore Orioles last year, and what happened between them and the NY Yankees. Manny Machado did nothing more than take a hard slide into second base, however his foot hit the bag and popped up to spike Dustin Pedroia. NY’s Tyler Austin slid into second with his spikes up to begin with against Brock Holt.

Baseball has unwritten codes. While people love to rail against them and say they shouldn’t exist, they do. And they always will. Austin caused the situation at hand because of sliding in with his spikes up. Sorry to all of the folks who say there should be no unwritten codes; but that’s a big no-no.

Again, people are comparing this to Manny Machado last year. He spikes were up, but they only popped up after he made contact with the bag. There’s a big difference between that and sliding in with your spikes up from the get go. That show intent on the part of Austin.

Austin of course was hit by a pitch later in the game, prompting a benches-clearing brawl on the field. And I have no issue with that, as the fact of the matter is that in accordance with the unwritten rules Boston had the right to do it. Tyler Austin can slam his bat to the ground and complain all he wants, but he started this by spiking an opponent.

Again folks, don’t tell me that the unwritten codes are bad for baseball or that they shouldn’t exist. There are unwritten rules in all walks of life. If you go to a wedding, do you bring your dog with you? Of course not; you leave Fido at home, or make boarding arrangements if need be. But do most wedding invitations say specifically that you can’t bring a dog with you? No…because people are assuming that everyone knows not to do that. Thus it’s an unwritten rule.

So you can say you don’t agree with having unwritten rules, but they exist in all parts of one’s life. And when you violate one, you aren’t exactly looked upon with grace. So if you’re scoring at home, New York was the aggressor in this scenario. You don’t slide into second base with your spikes up like that. Am I suggesting that the hitting of Austin later in the game was justified? That’s exactly what I’m suggesting.


What a bunch of babies whining about unwritten rules and you are the biggest offender of acting like a baby. If ur team sucks then I’m gonna show you up every time we play ball. Get better as a team or deal with it!!!


Uh just to make sure we’re square, I PERSONALLY am the biggest offender of “acting like a baby?” If you could clarify that it would be appreciated. I’m not sure how I’m the one acting like a baby. Now that said, this isn’t about good teams vs. bad teams. Both Boston and New York are good teams. Regardless of your record you shouldn’t be sliding into second base with your spikes up. Now can you do a hard slide? Absolutely. But there’s a difference between a hard slide and going in with your spikes up. Whether you like it or not, in this game there are unwritten rules. Just as there are unwritten rules in society. You can say that there shouldn’t be all day long, but this is reality – not a dream world. Thanks for reading!


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