Baltimore Orioles re-sign Chris Tillman

The Baltimore Orioles yesterday announced another free agent pitcher signing – technically. RHP Chris Tillman is returning to the O’s, after signing a one-year major league contract. Tillman took his physical yesterday at the Ed Smith Stadium complex.

The contract guarantees Tillman $3 million in base salary in 2018. Through other bonus’ and incentives, he could earn up to an additional $7 million. Ultimately this is a good move for the Orioles because it comes cheap, and both sides appear confident that he can have a comeback-type of year.

It also adds one more name to the rotation. And I’ve said from the beginning that Tillman would end up back in Baltimore. This move should come as no surprise to anyone. So as I said, this is technically a free agent signing. But in reality it’s a continuation of Tillman’s stint with the O’s.

That brings the O’s to four starters in camp. And I think you can probably get away with finding one starter as the Grapefruit League schedule progresses. Two or three to fill out the roster might have been a challenge. But odds are someone will find their way into the rotation by standing out in spring training. For the record however, the O’s only need four starters through the first week of the season.

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