Baltimore Orioles have been burned by boldness

Many fans question why the Baltimore Orioles are so timid on the free agent market. Especially with pitchers. Fans see other teams making big splashes, and in essence taking big risks. And often times they pay off.

But the Orioles aren’t big on dishing out contracts like other teams do – for pitchers, that is. That’s not to say that they’ve never done it. Ubaldo Jimenez‘s contract just came off the books starting this year. And while the Jimenez contract was an anomaly in that it was a large contract dished out to a free agent pitcher, it was also one that most national pundits lauded. Many people, myself included, felt that the Orioles made a good move in getting Jimenez…

…and contrary to what fans think, it wasn’t a total disaster. People shouldn’t forget that there were a few big games down the stretch (such as the 2014 AL East-clinching game) that Jimenez started and in which he came up big. When the bright lights were on, he tended to show up big. But the overall story of his tenure in Baltimore is lackluster.

And that’s one of the reasons why the O’s aren’t willing to go after the likes of a Jake Arrieta, because they don’t want to commit a lot of money and years to a guy who may or may not produce. Now that’s not to say that finding starting pitchers in the Rule 5 draft is the way to go either, but one can’t totally blame them for being timid when it comes to signing free agent pitchers.

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