Baltimore Orioles: Andrew Cashner makes three

Another free agent has fallen, and this time it’s to the Baltimore Orioles. They’ve signed RHP Andrew Cashner to a two-year, $16 million deal. Cashner is now the third starter in camp.

I wouldn’t print your World Series tickets quite yet, however the fact is that Cashner’s another pitcher in camp. His deal also includes a vesting option worth $10 million for 2020 if he reaches 340 innings over the two years. If he reaches 360 years, it becomes a player option.

As time goes on we’ll try to figure out if this is a good move or not. Cashner’s hardly a top line starter, but he’s a warm body in camp. The O’s now have three prospective starters in camp. It appears that at least one slot is going to be filled internally by the Orioles. So…is there another free agent signing out there to be had?

Time will tell on all of that. But for now the news is that Cashner’s coming to Camden Yards – well, first to Sarasota.

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