Baltimore Orioles interested in Houston’s Collin McHugh?

Over the weekend MASNsports’ Roch Kubatko reported that the Baltimore Orioles were talking to the Houston Astros about a trade that would send Collin McHugh to the Birds. Despite being injured for much of last year, McHugh garnered a 3.55 ERA. He also went 5-2 on the season.

He’s also looking at the reality of potentially not having a spot in Houston’s rotation. The Orioles obviously need starting pitchers right now, so there could be a potential match there. The downside is what would the the O’s have to give up to get McHugh? And honestly, I’m not even going to speculate. It’s worth mentioning that the Orioles have quite a few outfield prospects that could be flipped, but I digress.

You’re going to have a portion of the fan base who’s not going to like a move like that because it would cost the O’s something. But those are the same folks who no matter who they sign and for how much, are going to say that they overpaid. You can’t please everyone.

But we’re getting to the point in the off season where Dan Duquette starts to kick into overdrive. Most of his big deals seem to occur in February and March. And with spring training games starting one week from this Friday, we’re getting down to crunch time to get players into camp.

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