Baltimore Orioles: Get in shape!

Pitchers and catchers report for the Baltimore Orioles next Tuesday. Roughly a week later all players will report into camp. At that point the focus becomes Opening Day, however also February 23rd. That’s Opening Day for the Florida Grapefruit League.

The Orioles will take on Tampa at Ed Smith Stadium that afternoon. In fact, their first two spring games are at home, which is good for the starters and veterans because they’ll get work in. These spring games are as much about guys getting into shape as anything else.

And literally, that used to be “a thing.” Nowadays guys work out almost the entire off season, so they don’t really fall out of shape. However you still need to work yourself back into the grind of a major league season. And while the early spring workouts are somewhat of a shock to the system in terms of getting into game shape, the spring games take it a step further.

Keep in mind also that some of these games will be like watching paint dry. There’s very little ebb and flow, and the regulars who see action in the games will only play a few innings – at least at the beginning. As time goes on they’ll get more and more playing time. Which means they’ll get more and more into shape.

It’s also worth remembering that with pitchers and catchers reporting next week (ahead of position players), they’ll be further along in their workouts than hitters once games start. So you may see elevated strikeouts, and bad strikeouts from Oriole hitters at first. But they’ll catch up – they always do.

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