Baltimore Orioles avoid arbitration with Jonathan Schoop

Jonathan Schoop was always going to be a member of the Baltimore Orioles in 2018. It was just a matter of how much he was going to make. The O’s avoided arbitration with Schoop yesterday by signing him to a deal where he’ll be paid $8.5 million.

Schoop made $3.475 million last year, and he requested $9 million for 2018. The O’s countered at $7.5 million. An arbitration hearing had been scheduled for Thursday of this week in Phoenix, however that’s not been scrapped since the sides agreed.

Schoop of course made some waves a couple of weeks ago when “on the advice of his agent” he decided to skip the team’s annual FanFest celebration. So I was somewhat surprised to see the O’s settle at a number that was closer to Schoop’s request as a result. But the O’s also know that they’d like to keep Schoop long-term, so perhaps this was a carrot they threw him as a gesture of goodwill.

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