Baltimore Orioles: Is Manny Machado still tradeable?

At a certain point, the Baltimore Orioles need to start getting ready for the 2018 season with regard to the roster. My personal belief is that they’ve already done that, under the assumption that Manny Machado will be an Oriole on Opening Day. But is that something that could still change?

Trades are occasionally made during spring training. I can’t ever recall a blockbuster deal, which is what anything involving Machado would probably be. However here’s the kicker; I suspect that his value would go down. That is if it already hasn’t gone down.

I’ve said from the beginning that Machado’s value wouldn’t start to go down until games started. And yes, I mean spring training games. Because at that point he would have missed time with his new team – in theory. Furthermore he’s gearing up to play shortstop, which means that while it’s his natural position he also needs to make sure to have a solid spring.

If the Orioles are still intent on trading him, they should probably wait until closer to the deadline. Because I personally believe that his value will surge back up a bit at that point. It also gives the Orioles the first half to figure out if they have a team that can compete. If they do, there’s obviously no compelling reason to trade Machado. Time will tell.

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