Baltimore Orioles pause for Super Sunday

I always question why people are reading about the Baltimore Orioles on Super Sunday. I mean – IT’S SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, people! I’m not putting much into this column today, so I would recommend you don’t either.

However I will point out that Baltimore has a history all on it’s own regarding NFL titles. Before the Super Bowl even existed, the Baltimore Colts (my Dad’s team) won numerous NFL Title Games, including of course the 1958 Championship Game. You know, the greatest game ever played, in which the great Johnny Unitas invented the two-minute drill, drew the play in the dirt, etc.

Incidentally, I hope that fans remember that this evening while watching the Eagles and Patriots. As great as Tom Brady is and so forth, it was Baltimore’s Johnny U who invented the modern version of the position. Now teams move up and down the field all the time with ease. But until that game, nobody had ever seen someone doing that…literally with no time on the clock.

The Colts of course lost in their first Super Bowl appearance to the NY Jets back in Super Bowl III. However they defeated Dallas in Super Bowl V to once again become World Champions. Not to be outdone, the Baltimore Ravens of course have their two Super Bowl victories as well.

Baltimore’s the only city in the world to boast an NFL Title, a Super Bowl championship, and a CFL Title. Throw in the Orioles’ three World Series titles, and needless to say Baltimore’s a special place. So I suppose you want me to predict a score while I’m at it, don’t you?! Philadelphia will keep it close in the first half, and possibly even have a slight lead at halftime. But Brady isn’t losing this game; 42-27, Patriots.

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