Baltimore Orioles: Free agents hurting themselves

Fans around the mid-Atlantic region complain about the Baltimore Orioles’ off season thus far. However as I’ve said before, with the exception of a couple of teams (such as New York), everyone’s off season has been similar. There are over 200 free agents out there to be signed. And time is winding down.

I’ve heard rumblings to the effect that many of these players might be ganging up and having their own mock spring training if they haven’t signed with teams. But the fact that players en masse aren’t signing means that there must be some sort of tactic on the part of players. And possibly agents.

Why this is happening, I’m not sure. However the fact is that unless some of these guys wise up, they’re going to end up costing themselves a lot of money. Pitchers and catchers report not next week, but the week after. Grapefruit/Cactus League play begins on February 22-23. So sometime between now and then, players are going to ideally want to get signed so they can get into camp. I say ideally because at least that way they can make arrangements as to where they’re going to live and so forth, as well as get some workout time in before games begin.

Players can obviously sign after exhibition games have begun as well, however that’s when the prices go into the bargain basement. Players start realizing that they’d better get themselves a place to play for the season. And that means that a lot of one-year deals on the cheap are handed out.

Could you imagine someone the likes of an Arrieta having to sign a one-year contract for peanuts? That’s what we’re starting to go towards this year, because nobody seemingly wants to sign with anyone.

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