Baltimore Orioles begin on a five-game losing streak

We’re now under two weeks before the Baltimore Orioles’ pitchers and catchers report for spring training in Sarasota. February 13th is the date, to be exact. But there’s still some time, and as we know the regular season (which is what really counts) begins on March 29th.

And on that day when the O’s take on the Minnesota Twins at Camden Yards, they’ll begin on a five-game losing streak. Uh, come again?! Yes folks, you read that correctly. The Orioles were swept in a two-game series in Pittsburgh, and then again in a three-game set in Tampa to close out the 2017 regular season.

Now that’s most certainly in the distant past. Even if the Orioles lose on Opening Day, it certainly isn’t going to be looked at as a six-game losing streak. However more realistically, it shows that this is a team that has extreme peaks and extreme valleys. When the Orioles’ offense is going poorly, it’s going really poorly. Live by the home run ball, die by the home run ball. This much we know.

However the flip side of that commentary is that when they’re going well, things are going really well. The idea is that teams look to achieve consistency, which is not something the Orioles were capable of doing last year. While most people are going to remember the valleys, this is also a team that had some high peaks as well. And hey, it’s a heck of a lot better than consistency in the sense that you’d rather be inconsistent than consistently poor.

By the time this team entered that final week last year, they were out of contention and really just a shell of their former selves. There were a lot of tired bats and arms. Odds are, that won’t be the case come March 29th. However again, as much as a loss won’t indicate a six-game losing streak, a win on Opening Day won’t snap a five-game losing streak. Although I suppose on paper it would.

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