Baltimore Orioles: Is ambiguity haunting the Birds?

Dan Duquette isn’t the most open book in the world when he’s talking to the media about the Baltimore Orioles. Neither are any of the coaches, and neither are most of the players. That’s just how the Orioles roll.

But is that to their detriment at times? First off, there’s no GM or team that’s 100% up front about everything that they do; in public, at least. If Duquette announced that he was going after this player or that player, he would give those players’ agents a leg up in negotiations. Or he would give opposing GM’s a leg up in trade talks. So instead we get quotes like we’re going to add starting pitching.

Yet if you listen to fans talk, they’re sickened by what they interpret as a lack of activity. Many of them say that they could even deal with the lack of activity, if not for the appearance that the team doesn’t know what it’s doing or where it’s going. However I would remind fans that in essence they aren’t getting the truth. Nor will they – until deals and transactions start happening.

But again, does this type of ambiguity work against the Orioles? If fans are feeling left out of the process, could they cease to be fans at all? Sure, I suppose that everything is possible. But I somehow don’t see “Johnny from Dundalk” growing up with a Boston Red Sox pennant on his wall, or anything to that affect.

Here’s my point; a lack of action doesn’t mean that Duquette is sitting in the Warehouse twiddling his thumbs. Furthermore, fans should also recognize that very few free agents have come off the board at all at this point. That would indicate to me that the next two weeks are going to see players dropping like flies. You know, with pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training on February 13th and all!

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